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Youth | Formation For our younger generation

What we Do:

The Youth Faith Formation of the parish are some of the most critical and essential ministries we must engage in.  Children learn a great deal by observation, so our actions speak volumes. This is most apparent to them when they arrive for their Faith Formation classes.  We have incredible teachers in all our age levels of classes including High School, Middle School, Elementary School, and our Liturgy of the Word, which is taught every Sunday during Mass. We also have special classes and retreats for the children as Holy Sacraments prep. We have recently added the availability of a nursery to the 11:00 Sunday Mass and would like to expand that to the 8:30 Mass as well.

Get Involved

High School

Lead: Hanna LaBar

Middle School

Lead: Becca LaBar

Elementary School

Lead: Cathy Vigna

Children’s Liturgy of the Word

Lead: Joyce Dailey

Sacramental Prep

Lead: Joyce Dailey


Lead: Tegan Sarka