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Prayer is talking with God, our creator, our Father. Often, we make it all about us finding the perfect words and approach. We think we have to pray just right for God to hear and respond. God hears and responds to us because He is faithful and has compassion on us, His children.

Can We Pray for You?

Send us your prayer requests

Prayer is always answered. It may be in a form you imagined or not. Prayer is answered in how God is working in you and through you. He wants to hear from you. Let us help you with your burdens; we want to pray along with you and your intentions. Please share your burdens with our prayer intercessors; there is power in prayer.

Do you have a weight you bear? We all do whether it is a health issue, a strained relationship, or a job interview; it can be anything.

  • You are welcome to leave information about your request and an intercessor will pray for you.
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    You are welcome to leave information about your request and an intercessor will pray for you.
  • Two reasons: to follow up on condition of recipient of prayer and to check if there is another ministry that could help in certain circumstances. Please remember to leave your email address.

Inquire about UNBOUND Prayer

Below is a description of this personal prayer available with a prayer minister.

What is unbound?

UNBOUND is a ministry of freedom and healing that helps us to release the POWER OF THE GOSPEL into our lives.  We all have areas in our lives where we don’t experience freedom.  These can be patterns of habitual sin, addictions, negative thoughts, resentments, and other forms of spiritual difficulty.  Jesus came to set us free by breaking the power of sin and revealing the love of God.  At the UNBOUND: Freedom in Christ Conference, you will learn how to unlock your prison doors by using the FIVE KEYS TO FREEDOM.  The conference involves times of prayer and worship, insightful teaching and personal ministry from our ministry team.  This conference will equip you to cooperate with God as He sets you free.

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 Read the Daily Scriptures

The daily Scriptures from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Pray the Daily Prayers of the Catholic Church

You can use the iBreviary to pray with the full texts of the Liturgy of the Hours, which is the prayer order of the Catholic Church.