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Prayer Ministry | To intercede on behalf of the parish in prayer

What we do:

Our Prayer Ministry offers the opportunity for prayer to all both in communal and in personal prayer with trained prayer ministers. Our monthly Nights of Worship & Prayer offer a beautiful evening of prayer and Praise & Worship music on every first Friday.  We can now offer prayer through our Digital Prayer Requests. Our trained prayer ministers receive these requests through our secure online site and pray for these individual requests. In addition, we have offered our UNBOUND Prayer Ministry weekend where individuals can receive personal prayer as they go through a step-by-step process of revealing and healing wounds from the past. If you enjoy the opportunity to pray through music, every Wednesday at 7:00 AM, we have a Praise & Worship team that offer a half hour of prayer filled music to start your day.

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Prayer Ministry

Lead: Karen Wood
Lead: Mary Beth Cartwright


Sandy Mackel

Digital PrayerS

Lead: Vicki DiGaurdi