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Why Do We Change Mass Settings?

Mass settings (Gloria, Holy, etc.) tend to follow and enhance the liturgical season. For example, we use Mass of Creation (what we are currently singing) for Christmas and Easter as well as special occasions like weddings and funerals. It is exuberant and is known as the universal mass that most Catholics know. We tend to use Mass of Saint Frances Cabrini, which is more pensive and reflective during Advent and Lent. As we are entering a new liturgical season, we are introducing Mass of Saint Mary Magdalene as a staple for Ordinary Time. It lends itself to the style of music we have become known for at OMOS, a healthy blend of hymns and praise and worship. We will be starting to sing the mass over the course of a few weeks following the feast of Pentecost. You can start to listen and sing along and we will have music available in the pews as well!