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As our parish family grows and we come to care more for each other as a family does, it’s important to care for each other when one is in need.  When a new baby arrives, a family member is deployed, someone has surgery or during a prolonged illness, a meal can help to heal; be helpful during a transition; or just remind the person receiving the meal that their parish family is thinking and praying for them.

If you love to cook (and even if you don’t), you can join this ministry to be made aware when one of our parish members are in need of a meal. A homemade meal is great, but sometimes a gift certificate to the pizza place works just as well! Depending on the circumstance, a meal train could be anywhere from one meal to several meals over several weeks/months-long to help support a family.

If you have any questions, please contact Karen Hoffman – or 255-7488.

Helpful tips for setting up a meal train

It can be hard for many of us to accept help – even when its greatly needed. As you think about how to approach your family or friend about accepting a meal train service, here are some helpful hints:

  • If your friend seems hesitant to accept help (although you know it’s needed), you could say, “I know it’s hard to accept help, but there are so many people who would like to care for you by preparing meals. You are giving your friends a gift by allowing them to do this for you.”
  • Oftentimes, we say – “Please let me know if I can help you,” but instead, say “Your church family is bringing dinner to you during your recovery, which days work best for you?”

Every situation is different. Sometimes, just one or two meals is enough. Other times 3 meals per week for several weeks are needed. As you begin to think about what is needed most, consider these things:

  • Are there certain days of the week that work better than others?
  • Is there a specific time of the day or a window of time that work best?
  • In some cases, it may be helpful to the person receiving the meals if they leave a cooler on their front porch so that the meal deliver need not disturb them while they are resting.
  • Are there any food allergies or strong dislikes?
  • Are there favorite carry-out restaurants or gift card locations that are preferred?

Please fill in the information below in order to set-up a meal train. Please note that this does NOT guarantee a meal to be delivered on every date provided if requesting more than one meal. Please make sure that the person you are requesting meals for know that you have made this request and verify any food allergies within the family. Those who sign-up to bring a meal will contact the recipient to set-up a time to drop off the meal if not otherwise noted. If the recipient so desires, they may wish to place a cooler on their porch so that they need not be disturbed when the meal is being dropped off.


Some helpful hints for delivering meals on a food train:

Please Read: Post on precautions to use during this time
  • When possible, use disposable or recyclable containers or at least ones that you don’t need back
  • Use our labels (you will receive these when you sign-up to help) to identify the meal contents and any baking/heating instructions.
  • Take note if the recipient has requested to not be disturbed by the meal delivery while they are recovering/recouping. If this is the case, a cooler will be left on their porch where meals can be dropped off without ringing the doorbell.


By signing up above, you will be notified when a meal train is requested and provided with a link to sign-up to select a date you are available to make & deliver a meal. Any special information will be provided with the link. Thank you for helping us to “feed the hungry.”