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Make a Meal

By signing up below, you will be notified when a meal train is requested and provided with a link to sign-up to select a date you are available to make & deliver a meal. Any special information will be provided with the link. Thank you for helping us to “feed the hungry.”

Some helpful hints for delivering meals on a food train:

PLEASE READ: Post on extra precautions to take during this time
  • When possible, use disposable or recyclable containers or at least ones that you don’t need back
  • Use our labels (you will receive these when you sign-up to help) to identify the meal contents and any baking/heating instructions.
  • Take note if the recipient has requested to not be disturbed by the meal delivery while they are recovering/recouping. If this is the case, a cooler will be left on their porch where meals can be dropped off without ringing the doorbell.