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Become a Sponsor/Godparent

You have been asked to be a confirmation sponsor for one of our young adults, or the godparent for a little child.  Congratulations!!  The person being Confirmed, or the parents of the newborn, must think highly of you.  As you know, here in the Catholic Church, you are required to obtain a certificate that states your eligibility to be a sponsor or godparent.  That means you satisfy the conditions necessary for this honor and responsibility.  We want to clarify what an eligible Catholic Sponsor is and is not:

An Eligible Catholic for Sponsorship is …as found in the Catechism of the Catholic Church

  • minimum of 16 years old, received the sacraments up to and including Confirmation, attends Mass weekly, is in a valid Catholic Marriage (if applicable), participates at the parish level outside of Mass.

An Eligible Catholic for Sponsorship is not …

  • An adult who does not attend Mass on a weekly basis
  • Married outside of the Catholic Church
  • An adult who claims a Catholic faith because they attended Catholic school
  • A former altar server
  • Having attended Mass as a child
  • Having parents currently attend Mass at a church where you grew up
  • A parent or grandparent of candidate
  • Registering with our church for the purpose of Sponsorship

If eligibility seems out of reach, we are happy to work with you by suggesting a course of action. If you would like to schedule an appointment to discuss your eligibility, please contact our office.

We must be forthright, and true as one important dimension of our beloved Catholic Church.  And, in this case, be authentic sponsors and godparents who truly and seriously intend to accompany our young people in their journey of faith!