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Unbound Online Conference

Unbound is a simple, gentle, & powerful prayer ministry where you will learn how to claim the freedom that Jesus Christ promised. It is a practical, well-balanced and easy-to-use guide to deliverance and freedom. The Heart of the Father Ministries, founders of this approach to spiritual freedom, is offering a virtual conference October 1, 2 and 3.

  • Who is the conference for?
     Anyone bound by negative emotions,traumas or hurts
     Anyone longing to be free from destructive habits or ways of thinking
     Anyone feeling stuck or unable to live to their fullest potential
     Anyone who longs to help someone without hope

Do you struggle with the same bad patterns time after time? Do you feel hopeless about
finding freedom? Do you want to learn how to help a friend find freedom?

If so, watch this brief video on the Unbound Model. [insert link to video]. If you want this freedom, consider registering for this virtual event (only $25) at

At the conclusion of the conference you can request prayer with a prayer team from either Heart of the Father Ministries or a trained team from OMOS.

Prior to the conference there are a few free talks you can register for. Sorry for the last notice (some are already completed). They are free but you do have to register (and you can view them for three days after the live presentation.) The link for those sessions is: Especially consider registering in order to watch the talk Deliverance is a Good Word which will be available on Thursday, September 24. That talk is normally part of the conference.

If you have any questions feel free to email Karen Wood at the address below.

Karen Wood

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