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As we prepare for Advent, we are suggesting books from three different popes. Pope John Paul II and Pope Francis each offer a book titled Advent and Christmas Wisdom. These daily reflections offer the popes insights on Scripture writings. Another option by Pope Benedict is a book titled Jesus of Nazareth, The Infancy Narratives. This book will take you through the early life of Jesus. If you would like to join a group for Advent, sign on the form to the right, and we will connect you to a group. This is a perfect time to start.

Women’s Small Group for Advent

Wanted: Women who are not currently in a small
group who want to dip their toes into experiencing God’s love in a small group setting.
In this 5-session Advent study, take a closer look at the Christmas story,
and the hope revealed in the lives of people in the Bible whose obedience
and yeses to God’s plans, even in difficult times, gave them great joy and
led to God’s glory in their lives and generations to come. As we explore
the hope that Jesus brings, we’ll learn to trust God’s care for us as His beloved children in both times of abundance and times of lament.
Mondays. Beginning November 22, 6:30 pm, Holy Grounds. Sign up by filling out the form on the right and indicate in the note the Women’s Advent group.





Access FORMED Catholic Channel

Access Formed at the button on the left. Follow the instructions to log into Formed.  Our subscription allows you to access many virtual books, movies, etc., for use individually or in your small group.

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