We continue to build a ministry where all are welcome and ignited to become intentional disciples of Jesus Christ!

We want to provide more experiences for our youth ministry. We want to extend our evangelizing efforts. We want to help those who need our help in our community. We want to provide the best Mass experience. We want to continue to offer experiences to further our faith journey. There are many ways we want to serve and with your help, we can reach more people.



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We are participating in our Youth Scholarship Program!
Our Data Management/Giving provider will award scholarship funds to go to our Religious Ed/High School Ministry programs.
How can you help?
For every 25 new online givers, we will receive $200 in funds to help evangelize our kids! We want to provide compelling programs, concerts, service opportunities, and more. Click on the tab below to set up your Sunday Offertory. A few minutes to set up online giving saves countless time in remembering envelopes. You have the ability to manage your giving when you want.
Can we get 25 Sign-ups?
All Parishioners are invited to give online for their Church Offering - CLICK ON THE TAB ABOVE.


2019 will be a year of reaching out to more people to welcome to our church, to provide many opportunities for discipleship, and to develop new ways to help in our community. Our Strategic Plan explains the initiatives we will focus on in 2019. With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, our parish will have the opportunity to be a beacon in Johnstown and to ignite people to become intentional disciples of Jesus Christ! 
Click below to set up a one-time donation or call Anne DI Francesco, 814-535-7646.


 We want to provide services that are convenient and relevant to our lives today:

  • OMOS wants to provide a trusted service for online donations, which is the direction of all types of payment methods conducted in our society today. Our OMOS staff is available to assist parishioners in any way regarding their account.  Our staff is familiar and trusted by our parishioners for additional help if needed.
  • OMOS is providing this option for giving to allow our parishioners the convenience and accessibility to their church donations. Parishioners have total control and access to their giving. They do not have to worry about filling out an envelope each week; a few minutes to signup is all you need for your reoccurring donations to begin.
  • The online donation system allows OMOS to provide options to all of our collections. In addition, we are able to set up temporary collections and special event sign ups all in one convenient location for you.There are flexible giving options: we accept credit cards, debit cards, checking and savings accounts
  • Parishioners have the ability to donate to various collections posted on the site, such as Assistance Ministry, Christmas Collection, Easter Collection…etc.
  • Parishioners have access 24/7 to their giving information and they are able to make adjustments at any time. By using the online giving system, parishioners’ records are always accurate.