Advent Message Series

Advent Message Series

This Advent, we begin a journey. We will walk together for these few weeks towards the great feast of Christmas, the glorious celebration of the Incarnation––when God became human. Emmanuel: God-With-Us. We will explore, together, the deep meaning of Christmas and go through, bit by bit, the four reasons that the Word became flesh, as defined by the Catechism of the Catholic Church. The first of these reasons is simple: the Word became flesh to save us by reconciling us with God. After "Reflecting on Forgiveness" for our Awakening 2017, hopefully, we all know that God forgives us. In fact, he always and already forgives us. But, have we dared to ask the Big Question: why? Why would God enter into this world of suffering just to forgive us? Why would God become human to save us from our sins? Why?


Pray for 10–15 Minutes Every Day

To get the most out of this Advent––to be as open as you possibly can in order to Find God-With-Us Now––set aside ten to fifteen minutes a day for intentional, quiet, personal prayer. Beyond the recitation of memorized prayers, develop a daily habit this Advent of being in God's presence, speaking from your heart and, most importantly, listening to His gentle promptings.

For suggestions on ways to pray, check out the Appendix in the back of this booklet to learn more about Journaling, the Jesus Prayer, Lectio Divina, and the Rosary. Additionally, on the following dates, we will go into more depth with each method outlined.


JournaLing and the Ignatian Examen

Tuesday 12/05, 6:45–8:00pm                                      Handout on The Examen                   Worksheet on the CPR Method

The Jesus Prayer

Tuesday 12/12, 6:45–8:00pm

Lectio Divina

Wednesday 12/20, 6:45–8:00pm

The Rosary

Wednesday 12/27, 6:45–8:00pm