Small Groups

Small Groups



We will help find the right fit for you!

You will meet to discuss faith and support one another in your growing relationship with Christ. This is the place where we care for others and are cared for; where we can make an impact in our community.  Small Groups are a great place to explore, ask questions, and grow.

Julie Sheehan (OMOS) – 535-1994

Maureen Puchko (St. Michaels) - 539-6321

Register Your Small Group

Please contact Julie Sheehan, our Small Group Coordinator, so she may provide you with the materials and instructions. She will also be able to communicate with your group for future programs. If your small group chooses a program other than what is offered, please contact Julie Sheehan so that she will be able to keep your small group in the loop of communication.

Materials for Small Groups 

  •  Our Parish subscription to FORMED is available with the code: 2KJXJP . FORMED is a Catholic online subscription provider for videos, audio, and downloadable material for individual or small group meetings.
  • Small Group resource room is also available in the parish office at Holy Grounds. Stop in anytime to browse our selection of books.
  • There are many resources found online, as well.



Grace More than we Deserve, Greater than WE Imagine  Max Lucado  
Anxious for Nothing  Max Lucado  
Mary and the Redemption  Adrienne von Speyr   
Moving in the Spirit  Richard Hauser  
Falling Upward   Richard Rohr  
Beautiful Mercy  Matthew Kelly  
Beautiful Hope  Matthew Kelly